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Academic Standing

Academic Standing

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APAS - Academic Program Audit System

Learn more about APAS, or register for training.  

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Astra Academics

Resources for class schedulers

Astra Events

Resources for events schedulers

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The Coursedog page provides more information about access, training resources, and guides.

If you have questions about Coursedog, please contact the Coursedog Support team at

ECAS - Electronic Course Authorization System

The Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS) was replaced by Coursedog on August 21. All UMN staff now have view-only access to ECAS for historical data. Please contact if you have any questions about accessing ECAS. 

Faculty Center, Advisor Center, and Student Services Center

Faculty center

Class roster how-to guides
Grade how-to guides
Miscellaneous how-to guides
Advisor center
Student services center

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GPAS - Graduate Planning and Audit System

Exceptions training course

Degree audit


Additional GPAS information can be found on the GPAS website. For questions contact

Payroll Fellowship

Information on the processes used to pay scholarship and fellowship awards is available on the University's Office of Human Resources website.

PCAS - Program and Curriculum Approval System

The Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS) was replaced by Coursedog on August 21. All UMN staff have view-only access to PCAS for historical data. Please contact if you have any questions about accessing PCAS. 

PeopleSoft CS - Class Scheduling & Student Records

PeopleSoft user guides

Need help remembering the path to a Campus Solutions page in PeopleSoft? If so, please refer to the Campus Solutions Navigation guide (Google Sheet).

Use the following folders to find specific PeopleSoft Campus Solutions guides:

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OTR Training & Support - questions about student Records and Enrollment
Scheduling Team - questions about Collaborative Class Scheduling or Astra Schedule

PeopleSoft CS - Financial Aid

Scholarship automation

Scholarship automation training guide (pdf)

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PeopleSoft CS - Student Financials

The student financials module supports all processes related to managing a student's account. This includes: tuition calculation, transaction posting, billing students and third party sponsors, payment processing, refund and direct deposit, collections, interfacing with the general ledger and financial reporting/reconciliation, and providing 1098-T data to students and their delegated users via parent/guest access.

Use the following links to view the user guides (google doc) on the topics below.

Common topics

Payment plans


Posting transactions

Third party contracts

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TFMS - Tuition and Fee Management System

For resources, instructions, policies, and self-help guides, visit the Tuition and Fee Managment System support site. You can also learn more about TFMS.

Transfer Evaluation System, Transferology and Transfer Lab

Tuition Attribution

Tuition Attribution Guide

The Tuition Attribution Guide aims to help users understand the tuition attribution process at the University of Minnesota and how their work could make an impact on that process.

Tuition data snaps

Data snaps are sets of captured tuition data that are recorded sequentially on fixed dates during a given semester. Data snaps are helpful to identify tuition data trends over time, both within a single semester and across multiple semesters.

There are five data snaps per term, including a pre-term snap for earlier tuition trends. The five snaps are the following: 

  • Snap 1: Three weeks before Twin Cities campus start of term 
  • Snap 2: First day of Twin Cities term 
  • Snap 3: End of second week of Twin Cities term
  • Snap 4: End of fourth week of Twin Cities term 
  • Snap 5: Last day of instruction for Twin Cities 

Note: The snap dates are the same for all campuses, based on the Twin Cities regular academic session.

Spring 2023 data snap dates
  • Snap 1: December 28, 2022
  • Snap 2: January 18, 2023
  • Snap 3: February 1, 2023
  • Snap 4: February 15, 2023
  • Snap 5: May 2, 2023
Summer 2023 data snap dates
  • Snap 1: May 16, 2023
  • Snap 2: June 6, 2023
  • Snap 3: June 20, 2023
  • Snap 4: July 4, 2023
  • Snap 5: August 14, 2023

Support contacts

For technical assistance with the new tuition dashboards, contact ASR's Student Data and Analytics team

If you have general questions about the Tuition Attribution Guide and data snaps, contact