Twin Cities probation/suspension schedule

Fall 2023

8/21/23Fall 2023 SAP run
8/28/23Fall financial aid disburses
9/5/23Fall 2023 term begins
12/8/23SAP appeal deadline
12/21/23Last day of exams (end of term)
12/29/23Grades due
12/29/23Grade bracketing prelim run
1/2/23Grade bracketing full run
12/31/23 - 1/6/24Academic standings calculation run
1/5/24Spring 2024 SAP run
1/5/24 Deadline to place P3 service indicator (noon)
1/8/24Spring financial aid disbursement begins
1/16/24Spring 2024 term begins

Spring 2024

4/26/24SAP appeal deadline
5/8/24Last day of exams (end of term)
5/13/24Grades due
5/13/24Summer 2024 term begins
5/14/24Grade bracketing run
5/15/24 - 5/22/24Academic standings calculation run
5/24/24Deadline to place P3 service indicator (noon)
5/24/24Spring 2024 SAP run
5/27/24Summer financial aid disbursement begins