The Information Technology unit (ASR-IT) supports the University’s strategic mission and vision by providing business analysis, project and systems support to the University community. Key business functions include stewardship of critical student finance, financial aid, and student records processes including applications to manage learning events that do not bear formal academic credit. ASR-IT also provides support of business case development, project management, custom web application and analytic report development to University staff on all campuses and is available for consultation on an as-needed basis.

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ASR-IT units

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Student records IT

Provides support, maintenance, and quality assurance for all student records systems, processes, and data for student records staff on all University campuses.

Financial aid IT

Financial aid IT supports financial aid staff on all University campuses that assist students who receive scholarships, need-based awards, work study employment, and student loans.

Student financials IT

Student financials IT supports a number of student finance-related applications on all University campuses, including PeopleSoft, UM Pay, SAL, and the Tuition & Fee Management System (TFMS).

Campus community and shared data

The campus community and shared data unit supports the shared processes used by all modules in Campus Solutions for all University campuses, including Parent-Guest Access and access questions. The unit also works with other enterprise systems to keep shared data synchronized between Campus Solutions, Human Resources, Finance, and Identity Management.

Student data and analytics

This team uses data in creative and innovative ways to get better insight into students’ experiences, improve retention and degree progress, and make a positive difference in their lives. See ASR Operations Projects to view the status of projects in progress and on the backlog. You may also choose to review all of the reports and/or dashboards that SDA is responsible to build and maintain.

ASR-IT Leadership

Stacey TidballAssociate Vice Provost, ASR and University 
Natasha Monsaas-DalyDirector of Academic Enterprise 
Carolee CohenAssociate Director of ASR-ITc-cohe@umn.edu612-626-9161