Final exam information

Fall 2024 final exam details

Final exams for fall 2024 will take place Friday, December 13 through Saturday, December 14, and Monday, December 16 through Wednesday, December 19 with Study Days on Thursday, December 12, and Sunday, December 15. 

To view the final exam times, see the final exam schedule.

Final exams default to being conducted online. You need to request a classroom for your in-person or blended modality class if your final exam will be held in person. Your current classroom will be assigned, if possible.  To request a classroom for a final exam, submit the Final Exam Request form.

The deadline to submit this form for fall 2024 is November 8, 2024.

Changes to final exams must also be requested using this form. These include:

  • New date and time of exam
  • Length of exam
  • Request a different classroom
  • Request alternate seating
  • Request specific room features 

Submit a Final Exam Request form

Guidelines for all online final exams

  • All synchronous classes holding synchronous online exams will follow the published Standard Final Exam Schedule.
  • All synchronous classes holding asynchronous online exams should ensure the due date for their exam is not earlier than the published Standard Final Exam Schedule day/time.
  • All asynchronous classes holding synchronous online exams should take their final exam on Friday, December 13, 2024.
  • All asynchronous classes holding asynchronous online exams should ensure the due date for their exam is no later than Thursday, December 19, 2024.

Final exam regulations

All rules set forth in the Final Exam Regulations apply to all online and in-person final exams.

  • All Remote Instruction (online synchronous) and Online Classes (online asynchronous) final exams will be conducted online.
  • All In-Person Classes' and Blended Classes' final exams will default to being conducted online. Classes scheduled as In-Person or Blended may choose to request a classroom for their final exam to be held in-person using the Final Exam Request form by November 8, 2024.
  • The Final Exam Request form must be submitted for all changes to the final exam date, time (for both online and in-person exams), and location, including classroom requests (e.g., a classroom with a different style of seating). Form deadline for fall 2024 is November 8, 2024.

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Scheduling conflicts

If students have exam conflicts or three (or more) final exams within one calendar day, they may request adjustment with their college office and instructors. Such a request must be presented at least two weeks before the exam period begins. To make up the exam, students must obtain the instructor's permission.

Exam regulations

Final exam change requests

To request a change to final exam hours, departments must submit a change request through the Final Exam Request form. Doing so will ensure orderly consideration of student hardships. Additional common exams may be requested on the form, including room requests. Please be aware of the following:

  • Instructors who request any variation from the official final exam schedule must agree to give a special make-up exam to any students who (1) have overlapping final exam conflicts, or (2) have three (or more) exams in one calendar day.
    • Authorized final exam variations and make-up exams should be conducted using time frames found in the final exam schedule.
    • Each college shall assume responsibility for making arrangements to spread out exams for students who have three (or more) exams scheduled in one calendar day.
  • Three-hour exams will be scheduled on the half-day that the corresponding two-hour exams would have been given.
    • Exams are scheduled from 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. or from 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Extracurricular events

University Senate policy decrees that no extracurricular events which require the participation of students may be scheduled from the beginning of study day to the end of finals week. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy. The Senate advises all faculty members that students who are unable to complete course requirements during finals week shall be provided an alternative and timely opportunity to do so.

Common final exams

Common final exams are pre-approved final exams for courses that have multiple sections with large enrollments that need to be conducted together at the same time. The Final Exam Request form does NOT need to be submitted for Common Exams. See the final exam schedule to see pre-approved common exams. Please contact with any questions. 


An archive of previous final exam schedules is available on the University Digital Conservancy website.