Office of Student Finance

The Office of Student Finance (OSF) manages the entire lifecycle of student finances for all University of Minnesota students. OSF calculates financial aid eligibility and manages the awarding, origination, and disbursement of financial aid as well as billing, accounts receivable, student loan entrance and exit interviews, and loan and account collections.

OSF units

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Fiscal unit

The fiscal unit monitors and reconciles funding of financial aid programs, processes incoming and outgoing financial aid, and coordinates internal and external audits. 

Graduate/professional unit

The graduate/professional unit awards and revises financial aid packages for graduate and professional students. Additionally, they provide financial aid counseling to students and staff.

Loan/undergrad services unit

The loan/undergrad services unit provide financial aid counseling to students and parents, and administers federal and state financial aid programs. The unit also performs verification of student records and ensures that federal and state eligibility and satisfactory academic progress criteria are met.

Medical school financial aid office

The Medical School Financial Aid Office provides financial aid counseling and other resources to medical students.

Scholarship unit

The scholarship unit coordinates scholarships and student athletic financial aid. They also oversees federal and state compliance regarding federal and state regulations, and holds campus-wide informational meetings with scholarship administrators. Learn more about scholarship administrators.

Student account assistance

The Student Account Assistance (SAA) team provides billing and collection support for all Twin Cities, Morris, and Crookston student accounts, as well as for several other loan programs. The team also provides exit counseling for all major student loan programs.