Request system access

You will need to complete training and submit an Access Request Form (ARF) to gain access to student systems.


Training is required for most student systems and should be completed prior to submitting an ARF. Some of these systems include:

  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions - student records, student financials, and class scheduling.
  • Astra Schedule
  • Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS)
  • Academic Progress Audit System (APAS)
  • Coursedog

See a complete list of our courses and register for training.

Access Request Forms

After completing training, submit an ARF to gain access to student systems.

The Office of Information Technology Provisioning & Requests manages ARFs. Visit Enterprise Access Requests for instructions and forms.

Key Contacts

The primary role of the Key Contacts is to guide and approve ARFs for staff in their college or unit. They also serve as a resource for questions about FERPA and training requirements.

Key Contacts may contact to request additional student group or service indicator access for staff who update Peoplesoft Campus Solutions.

See the list of Key Contacts to find yours.

Questions? Contact ASR Continuity and Compliance at