Training & Support contact info

ASR support

Academic Progress Audit System (APAS)
Continuity & Compliance
For questions about access to systems and required training.
Financial Aid
Graduate Planning & Audit System (GPAS)
Office of the Registrar (OTR) Training & Support
For questions about student Records and Enrollment, ECAS, and PCAS.
Scheduling Team
For questions about Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) and Astra Schedule.
Student data and analytics requests
Use this form (must sign-in and click "Request Service") to request University student data that is not currently accessible via other means. Allow three weeks for approval and completion of standard ad-hoc requests. Please note that more complex or involved requests may take longer.
Student Financials
Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Access requests

Access Request Forms (ARFs)
IT Provisioning & Requests (formerly Data Security) manages Access Request Forms (ARFs). To request new or expanded system access, visit IT Provisioning & Requests for instructions and forms.

Key contacts
See the list of key contacts that guide and approve student systems ARFs for staff in their unit.

2nd major/minor contacts

Second major/minor contacts respond to questions about adding a second major or minor that is housed in a different college other than the student's home college.

Duo help

Need help with Duo?
Contact OIT Technology Help Desk Services:

System campuses

Jeff Sperling

Tracey Bolen

Marcus Muller

Parry Telander