Writing Intensive requirements

Writing Intensive proposals

The University of Minnesota’s WI requirement is based on three assertions, namely: (1) writing is a tool for learning and communication, (2) only by reading and writing within a field can students advance their understanding of that field, and (3) writing is at the center of the academic experience and is the responsibility of the entire academic community.

Components of your proposal

The Council on Liberal Education meets monthly (except for June, July, and August) to review all proposals that have been submitted. After review, decision letters are sent to the proposer(s). All proposals should be submitted at least one week prior to each meeting, to ensure there is enough time for review.

To apply for Writing Intensive designation for regular courses:

  • Make a copy of this WI Proposal Worksheet, answering each of six questions (appropriate for course instructors)
  • Submit a new or updated course proposal in Coursedog using information from the worksheet.
  • Email a Word or PDF copy of a new or updated syllabus to Katie Russell (russellk@umn.edu). The syllabus should evidence the integration of writing and writing instruction in the course, as described in the proposal.