Grade changes FAQ

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How long does it take for a grade change to be processed?

The change will be effective immediately after it is submitted. You will be contacted by the Office of the Registrar within one business day if further action is needed.

How far back can I enter grade changes?

You can enter grade changes online for courses taught beginning fall 1999. For grade changes prior to fall 1999, send your request to

Online grade entry began spring 2003; at that time, all departments were asked to grant approval to instructors to allow web grade entry. If you are unable change a grade in Faculty Center, contact your department scheduler and ask that they verify that your grade entry access is listed as “approved” in the Collaborative Course Scheduling system.

I have submitted my change of grade and forgot to add a comment. Can I add one later?

No. Once you click the "submit" button you may not return to enter comments. It is important to check your change of grade and comments before submitting them.

I am using free form comments in Internet Explorer and I can not scroll up. Is there anything else I can do?

Internet Explorer does not allow you to use the scroll button. It is best to use the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard.

The comment option I need is not on the standard list. What do I do?

You can type the comment in free form. If you would like for a comment to be standard, you may submit your request for consideration by email to the Student Records Training Team at

How do I choose which reason code to use?

Below are the list of reason codes and the Office of the Registrar defines them as:

  1. Error in Initial Grade Entry - The initial submission of this grade was incorrect due to a keying or transposing error.
  2. Initial Grade Entry - This is the first grade submitted for this student for this class for this term.
  3. Late Coursework submitted - The student's grade is being changed because additional coursework was submitted after the initial grade was assigned.
  4. Made up or completed I, K or X - The student's grade is being updated from a grade of I, K or X to a final grade.
  5. Other - None of the listed predefined reasons match this situation. I will give an explanation in the Comment field.
  6. Student Changed Grading Basis - The student had a different grading basis at the time the final grade was submitted from what the grading basis is now.
  7. Student's Work Re-evaluated - No new work has been submitted. The existing student work was re-evaluated and reconsidered. Something of value was overlooked in the initial evaluation of the work.

Does the student receive an email notifying him/her of the grade change?

No. We have found that some students do not check their email. If a student is expecting a grade change they will have to monitor their transcript.

How do I find out who made the grade change for a class?

Access the "Grade Change Reason" report in Reporting Center. Your access to see grade changes is limited to classes tied to your department or college

Can I designate someone else to enter grade changes?

Yes. You may designate a proxy to enter grade changes or add grades for students with permission to enroll late. To designate a proxy you should contact your departmental scheduling coordinator.

Will I need approval from my department if I am entering a grade late or early?

No, you will not need approval when entering grades.