Liberal Education at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota and its faculty are committed to providing students with a liberal education. Liberal Education courses invite students to investigate the world from new perspectives, learn new ways of thinking that will be useful in many areas of life, and grow as an active citizen and lifelong learner. The Liberal Education curriculum is designed to be integrated throughout a student's four-year undergraduate experience. Liberal Education courses provide an opportunity for students to explore fields outside their major and to complement their major curriculum with a multidisciplinary perspective.

Review process

In order for a course to fulfill a Liberal Education Core or Theme requirement, the faculty instructor must first submit the course for review by the Council on Liberal Education (CLE). The CLE, composed of faculty and student representatives, reviews course proposals to ensure courses meet all criteria for the diversified core and designated themes of Liberal Education.

Liberal Education certification is not applied retroactively. Courses are certified for future semesters, and the University requires certified courses to undergo recertification after a period of time.

Descriptions of current LE requirements

If a student was admitted to a degree program in fall 2010 or later, the student will follow these revised LE requirements.

LE students admitted prior to 2010

Additional information is available for education requirements for students who were admitted prior to fall 2010.