Mid-term grades (In-progress notifications) FAQ

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What is the University policy?

University policy for the Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, and Rochester campuses states:

  1. Instructors are required to provide in-progress notifications for all 1XXX courses to students who, on the basis of performance to date in the course, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N. Such notification will be provided to students within a timeframe to allow them to improve their academic performance or to withdraw by the withdrawal deadline. In-progress notifications will not be recorded on transcripts.
  2. Instructors are encouraged to provide in-progress notifications for all courses and all students.
  3. The provision of in-progress notifications is a courtesy to the student. Failure to receive an in-progress notification or a decline in a student's academic performance after a notification has been issued does not create the right for a student to contest a grade in a course.

Why are in-progress notifications submitted?

Studies of student learning underscore the importance of frequent and timely feedback as an important contribution to success in student learning. Past experience shows that for students in academic difficulty, a timely notification about performance can result in appropriate corrective action. In-progress notifications also help advisers develop strategies for academic success with their advisees.

Where are in-progress notifications submitted?

In-progress notifications can be submitted formally in two ways:

When should in-progress notifications be submitted?

University of Minnesota policy states that "Such notification will be provided to students within a timeframe to allow them to improve their academic performance or to withdraw by the withdrawal deadline."

Practically speaking, in-progress notifications are intended to be given during the 4th to 8th week of classes. At the end of the 8th week, students would still have approximately two weeks to cancel their enrollment, if needed, without college consent.

Do I have to assign a specific grade?

In order to submit an in-progress notification, thereby meeting the expectations of the in-progress notifications policy, a grade must be entered that matches the course's grading basis with additional feedback provided as a note or comment. If a student's progress has been unsatisfactory thus far, this is the reccommended way to notify them.

Mid-term grades must match the grading basis of the course, for example a grade of S cannot be assigned if a student is taking a course on an A-F grading basis. Instructors may choose to provide additional information to students including any or all of the following: a specific grade for work to date, comments on attendance, or comments on any other aspects of course performance in the notes field.

Do I have to submit the mid-term grades notifications all at once?

No, you may submit any number of notifications at one time and can edit any notification throughout the semester. However, editing a mid-term grade overwrites that data.

How will students be notified?

  • If in-progress notifications are entered in APLUS, students will automatically receive an email notification.
  • If in-progress notifications are entered in the Faculty Center, students will be notified via MyU that mid-term grades are now or will be available to them in the near future as they are updated by their instructors.


Will the notification system be operating for May session, summer term, or half-term classes?


What help is available for students whose work is unsatisfactory?

There are advising resources available to students needing assistance.

Can my TA submit the notifications?

It depends on your Teaching Assistant's grading role in the class scheduling system. Check with your departmental class scheduler for more information.