DegreeCat Project

The University is replacing a series of older, University-built custom tools related to degree planning and catalog and curriculum management. The goal is to find and implement solutions in the marketplace that provide better service than our homegrown solutions. The belief is that a competitive market-driven approach can lower the University’s total cost of ownership and improve the performance on MPact 2025 metrics.

Degree planning tools being replaced:

  •     Graduation Planner
  •     Schedule Builder

Catalog & curriculum management tools being replaced:

  •     Electronic Course Approval System (ECAS)
  •     Program and Curriculum Approval System (PCAS)
  •     Public-facing catalog

Top project objectives

  • Implement Stellic — a semester and long-term planning tool. 
  • Complete the RFP process for a course management and curricular program management tool that meets or exceeds to the current needs being met by ECAS and PCAS.
  • Implement Coursedog (the tool selected by the RFP process). 
  • Implement a new University catalog. 
  • Establish an ongoing user community and governance related to short- and long-term planning. 
  • Establish an ongoing user community and governance related to catalog and curriculum management. 
  • Connect users in different roles. Build empathy and  a common understanding of the shared value of data integrity at all levels of the system.


Calendar Year Project Focus
  • Stellic planning, integration, and data mapping
  • RFP process and project planning for catalog and curriculum management tools
  • Stellic planning, integration, and data mapping
  • Stellic implementation for wave 1 schools
    • Crookston: entire campus
    • Duluth: Labovitz School of Business and Economics
    • Morris: not participating in wave 1
    • Rochester: entire campus
    • Twin Cities: College of Biological Sciences
  • Stellic implementation for remaining undergraduate students
  • Stellic data integration for graduate, professional, and other programs
  • Begin implementation of Coursedog
  • Complete Stellic implementation for graduate, professional, and other programs
  • Complete Coursedog implementation


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