Continuity & Compliance

Continuity & Compliance provides student records communication, compliance, degree audit, policy, and training services for the University. These services support the student experience by providing students with quality information about our processes and degree requirements, maintaining academic policies, and protecting private student data. Through our services, faculty and staff have the tools and information they need to support students during their academic careers.

C&C units and areas of support

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ASR UX and Content Strategy

The UX and Content Strategy team has a diverse set of skills to support the user experiences (UX) of ASR’s services, systems, processes, products, and communications. 

For example, team members offer expertise and consultation on: 

  • Accessibility
  • Content strategy and management
  • Design
  • Evaluation
  • Instructional design
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Process improvement
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Training analysis
  • User research and usability testing
  • Writing and editing

Degree audits

Two teams provide programming and support for degree audits based on curriculum requirements. The degree audit systems provide accurate and up-to-date degree progress information for students, staff, and faculty through the provision of data, and supporting degree clearance. The APAS (Academic Progress Audit System) team provides programming and support for undergraduate degree audits using DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System). The APAS team also performs athletic academic eligibility certification of student athletes. The GPAS (Graduate Planning and Audit System) team provides programming and support for graduate and professional degree audits using PeopleSoft’s Academic Advisement module.

System access and training requirements

Continuity and Compliance helps University staff and faculty get the correct access to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and other student-related systems. We also serve as the point of contact for questions about ASR training courses and requirements.

Student data privacy and FERPA

Continuity & Compliance is responsible for student data privacy at the University, governed by FERPA and University policies including Managing Student RecordsInformation Security, and Data Security Classification.

We offer consultation, advice, and training on FERPA and private student data; contact

Academic policy

Academic Support Resources serves as the policy contact or owner for many of the University’s Education & Student Life policies. Continuity & Compliance supports this policy work at the University by interpreting policy, answering policy questions, and supporting the policy process including regular comprehensive reviews. For questions regarding academic policies, email

Continuity & Compliance Leadership

Name Position Email
Stacey Tidball Director 
Stacey Tidball Associate Vice Provost, ASR and University Registrar