Important dates for scholarship administrators



Summer 2017 (Aid Year 2017)


April 11

Summer registration begins for students admitted to degree or certificate programs

April 18

Summer registration opens for non-degree and visiting students

April 25

Administrators can begin entering Summer scholarships

May 1

Summer financial aid disbursement begins for Med students

May 3

Summer financial aid disbursement begins for Dental students (DDS)

June 1

Deadline for Summer scholarships to be entered in order to be included in the initial disbursements for Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Dental, Vet Med and Pharmacy students (by 1:00 pm)

June 5

Summer financial aid disbursement begins for Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Vet Med, Pharmacy, and Dental (dental therapy/dental hygiene) students

June 12

Summer session begins

August 17

Last day to submit Summer 2017 scholarships (by 1:00 pm)

August 18

Last day of Summer 2017 semester


Fall 2017 (Aid Year 2018)


June 30

Deadline for entering scholarships to be included in the students’ initial electronic financial aid award notices (efaan) for Fall/Spring 2017-18 (by 1:00 pm)

August 24

Deadline for Fall 2017 scholarship entry to be included in initial financial aid disbursements

August 28

Fall financial aid disbursement begins for Graduate, Undergraduate, Law, Pharmacy, Vet Med, and Dental students

September 5

Fall 2017 semester begins

September 19

Census date for Fall 2017 semester for Undergraduates

December 19

Last day to submit Fall 2017 scholarships (by 1:00 pm)

December 21

Last day of Fall 2017 semester